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ommig3I am 49 years  old. I have practiced Yoga since 1996. I became interested in Yoga when I had back problems with pain and sciatica. I tried to find out how I could improve my body and my back.
Iyengar® yoga appeared to be one solution.  The intensive and intelligent way to work with your body caught my instant interest.
So, in 1998 I started my eduction to become Iyengar Yoga instructor with Jette Berring and Claus Witting as my teachers.


  • I now hold a 3-year certificate in Iyengar® Yoga education at introductory level II
  • Since 2001 I have been  teaching Iyengar® yoga
  • I participate regularly in intensive workshops with Gloria Goldberg and Lois Steinberg to develop and  improve my skills
  • I am enrolled in a continuing education program at the Iyengar® Yoga School in Copenhagen again with Jette Berring and Claus Wittig as my teachers.
  • I have also been trained by Faeq Biria. Clee Souren, Garth Mclean and Gitte Bechsgaard.
  • In 2000, I trained and practiced at the Ramamani Iyengar Memoriel Institute, Pune, India, as part of my education to become a certified teacher.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and joy to B.K.S Iyengar, Jette and Claus and the many other experienced teachers, who have shown me the way to a fantastic life with Yoga.

Sans titre

At present I’m teaching at:

  • Fysisk form, Kbh V.
  • Smørum naturskole, Smørum
  • AOF Ny Lyngbygård, Lyngby
  • Brønshøj Fysioterapi, Brønshøj

New schedule coming up, call me for further information…


The Certification Mark was introduced to protect the Iyengar method and to help the public identify a teacher who holds an approved Iyengar Yoga Teaching Certificate.
They will know that the teacher has been rigorously trained to standards set by BKS Iyengar to teach safely and look after the individual needs of students.
Teachers must continue to develop their knowledge and skills after they qualify and to participate in certain workshops/teaching to be able to hold a valid Certification Mark.
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